Respiratory Limitation

Human thorax organs with lungs and heartYour respiratory system has two ways of responding to exercise stress – either increasing your respiratory rate (breaths per minute) or increasing your tidal volume (the amount you breath per breathe) – or both.

We will measure your lung capacity in order to establish your current volumes and ability to move air (baselines). Most athletes have difficulty breathing out, NOT in (beware respiratory trainers that work on inspiration only). We monitor your respiratory system during exercise testing in order to determine how your respiratory system responds to exercise stress. We can determine if your breathing is efficient and effective. An ineffective breathing strategy can have profoundly negative effects on the cardiac and cellular systems. If we determine that your respiratory system is a limitation to your training and performance, we will design a training program focused on regaining thoracic mobility, improving your respiratory capacity, and/or improving your respiratory capability through Spirotiger training.

Spirotiger training in supported sitting