At Strategic Sport Performance we offer:

  1. Physiological testing (Respiratory, VO2 and NIRs) employing the latest technology/ techniques, to evaluate your respiratory, cardiovascular, metabolic and neuromuscular systems response to exercise stress;
  2. Goal specific/individualized training programs, based upon YOUR testing results, which target YOUR limitations to performance;
  3. Spirotiger training to specifically target respiratory limitations to performance.

The results are effective and efficient training and improved performance.

New athletes can expect:

  1. An in-depth evaluation using the latest technology to assess your systems.  We will establish a baseline of your current performance capabilities, and provide you with a clear explanation of which physical factors are limiting your performance.
  2. An individualized training plan, uniquely designed to minimize or eliminate your limitation(s) and maximize your performance potential.
  3. Regular monitoring of your training performances and retesting in order to reset your baselines and adjust your training/racing programs.

At Strategic, we are happy to work with athletes AND coaches.  We can provide the information all coaches require in order to design YOU an individualized program.

 You should question any coach who designs your program:

a)    Without meeting you;

b)    Without testing you;

c)     By basing your program on your PBs, pace wattage or max HR;

d)    Using incomplete testing (i.e. lactate testing or wattage testing).

BEWARE ALGORITHMS!  A lot of coaches are using math, not science, to design your programs.  You deserve better.

Don’t think that these services are just for triathletes and marathoners!

We work with athletes of all ages and all sports.  After all, we are all of the same species – with the same physiology.  Every athlete performance is being limited by some structure.  Find out what your limitation is – so you can tailor your training and improve your performance.

Don’t think that these services are just for elite athletes!

See above.  Many people who wish to gain control over their health have difficulty maintaining a program.  Frequently, this is due to working beyond the zones which will benefit them the most (working too hard) and/or having an unrealistic training schedule.  By accurately measuring your current abilities, we can design a program that meets your physiological needs AND your schedule thereby ensuring you achieve your goals.

Some services may be covered by your insurance – call today to discuss.